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Gold takes the center stage in the global market today, surprised?

The main reason for starters is its ingenuity. Human nature is proven to be an interesting fact that causes us to act and investigate newer trends that spurs in the market. Today's issues of the surging prices for food, electricity, oil,and a deflating US dollar really leads us to find significant investment alternatives in special commodities such as gold. Noticing these changes through plunging values of portfolios makes the common person search for alternative subsidies.

In times of economic troubles, man is gravitated towards investing in gold alongside other precious metals and minerals.  Unlike paper currency or the electronic market, the metal and mineral industry is very difficult to manipulate. Because of that, the industry is evaded by the government and Wall Street alike due to the fact that it is not easily controlled. Gold and the mining and exploration industry is considered to be a stable foundation for investment assets in today's economic environment.

Isn't  gold exceedingly over-valued right now?

Anyone who tells you gold is overvalued is not speaking specifically from a short term trading perspective.  Perhaps they might be confused about hearing such terms "gold investment is on an all time high" thus this may be truehowever; it does have the probabilities to make even more significant gains with higher return in purchasing power or real value. It is believed to be that investing in gold or silver has had the best returns ever for the past decade.This has possibly become the turning point for billion dollar funds to engage in gold mining and exploration projects.

3 Phases under the bull market for gold investments

  1. Throughout history, wealthy investors usually engage into the market before common individuals and institutions. This is proven from sensible experience from consumers that are lingering in the shadows of the gold market. We started to notice that around the beginning of year 2000, large numbers of well-heeled clients starting buying up gold and gold futures thus drivingup commodities prices and production demands from producers.
  2. The worldwide bull market increase in demand of commodities when institutional investors entered the field of heavily investing in gold. The World's largest funds started purchasing gold by way of ETF's.
  3. The final phase is when common individuals catch on to the buzzing market and enters the investment market on the lure of past performance figures and not the knowledge of sophistication in the market. This is commonly associated as the mania phase where large amounts of buying takes place.

Take a Look at Gold History:

Gold investments are simply a way of safeguarding your investment capital from fluctuating economic markets and deflating paper dollars. We must look at it as a way to store wealth in an item that has a 5000 year old history of being a trusted storage of value and trade. In times as far back as the Egyptians, it was even once said to have powers associated with the sun god Ra. Today, the precious metal is still sought after even though it has little commercial use other than electrical conductivity and fancy jewelry. But in Gold, our world seeks value and salvation from failing economies and modern empires we see on the verge of crumbling before is.

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Gold Investments Guidelines

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This article was published on 2011/04/26