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It is a metal but who cares about it? The truth is that everyone does because it is not just any other metal. It is a precious metal. It is not alone, but a dear favorite of one and all. There are those multitudes of men and women who love to wear it on them not just on festive occasions but on an all time basis. And something amazing about this precious darling is that, it has found a sparkling and a very meaningful place even in the world of words and literature. I think I have kept you in the dark for long enough. Well, I am sure you have read and many a times even used the phrase, all that glitters is not gold! Yes, I have been talking about gold all this while, it was not so much of a riddle, was it!

Gold price per ounce

One of the biggest advantages that gold has enjoyed since the system of weight has been made is that, it is measured on the basis of per ounce. Whereas, silver, iron, brass, and every other metal (with exception of platinum as well), are weighed on a per kilogram basis. Gold has statistically affected the economic decisions of not just individual households but also, of nations. For instance, India bought a lot of gold a while back and the finance watchers at once declared that the nation wishes to give a message of its growing power and financial intellect to the world. I too second team, and the reason behind this analysis needs to be explained a little. The gulf nations have been able to boast of their influence so far because of the abundance of liquid gold i.e., petrol so a country which can efficiently buy a huge mass of gold all at once can also speak aloud of its intentions if not boast.

Gold and the market: the people might feel that gold has always received its huge share of attention for the stock purchases but it is not so. Gold at one point was claimed to have a near stagnant status, even the big wigs in the future reader of the markets could never think of gold to be exceeding its price limits more a certain percentage. But lo and behold! Come the year 2011 and gold jumped not once but twice high and became double the price. The market strongly believes in the economic equations of demand and supply. The people who had intelligently amassed a sizeable amount of gold could smile and look down upon those who could only repent and find contention in buying smaller shares. But the precious gold has seen a 6.7% fall recently and its strong contender silver, is refusing to slow down at any cost.

The metal is expected to fall further and if such a chance is hard, people can buy it to content but should not be hopeful of its loss, I think gold capable enough of bouncing back to power anytime. The metal has entered the market in such a way that now most of the speculations are knitted around it and its price fluctuations can affect economy in an adverse or advantageous condition. But yes, I would strongly suggest people to bask in the glory of the sunny gold, it is an investment which I think will rarely ever make the investor suffer. So wish every reader a golden time.

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Goldly Glittering

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Goldly Glittering

This article was published on 2013/03/20