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As we all know, Alchemists rank the top on the list of the richest professions in World of Warcraft. But how on earth do they earn so much gold? Let's share the secret today.

To put this in a simpler way, Alchemists’ use herbs to produce strange, magical brews, for example invisibility, elemental resistance, mana restoration. These brews are the essence, because they can be used to heal and empower. Also, they can change the forms of these materials into rare ones.

The reason for Alchemists’ wealth is their power produce precious consumables, and it is the same reason for their use to groups and raids. It is they that create powerful weapons and armors and outfits and equipments and influence the economy of Azeroth at large. Now that Alchemists are able to make a great deal of money through producing rare materials, we shall explore ways to do this faster.

First and foremost, you can make most alchemical brews no matter where you are, only if you have the right reagents. No idea about reagents? They are things provided by vendors or other players or the nature. It is interesting that they can be found in the wild.

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Alchemy is often paired with the gathering profession Herbalism , since herbs found in the wilderness are required to concoct the majority of alchemical mixtures.

As you continue crafting alchemy, you can choose a specialization as you like. Having finished a special quest, you will have to choose to specialize in Transmutation, Potions or Elixirs. Attention please! An Alchemist with a specialization can make bonus safe wow gold as long as you do not work beyond your field of expertise.

The following would be concrete instructions for your reference.

Step 1

Prepare all ingredients for the recipe you are going to generate. Do remember to check out the ingredients you want from your professions menu.

Step 2

Most alchemical recipes call for herbs and some need other special materials like containers. Normally, you can buy containers from a goods-trade vendor. .You can find Herbs in the wilderness or buy them from the auction room.

Step 3

Choose 'alchemy' from the professions menu so as to mix. And then choose your favorite recipe. Make the quantity of potions or other concoctions concrete as you like, and then click 'create'.

I sincerely hope the guide could help you. Enjoy World of Warcraft! And enjoy yourself.

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How alchemists make gold

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How alchemists make gold

This article was published on 2013/05/20