Investing In Rare Earth Metals

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With a troubled economy, many men and women are left wondering how they can invest their money wisely without falling for the gold investment scams that are rampant in these days. So many of us have invested and invested, but never got a single dollar from it - in fact, most of us even lost money! Smart, competent men and women the world over listen to a businessman's quick spiel about how they promise these great returns, even sextuple what they invested in the first place. Warning signs should go off immediately; if everyone is doing it, how can it be worth that much? Next thing you know, you have bought handfuls of gold bullion, more than likely at an extremely marked up price from the company itself. Soon you find yourself with a pocketful of gold not even worth half of what you poured into it. But what if there was something that a person could invest in, something emerging that many companies would rather you not know about. Of course they would try to keep such a thing from investors, it is taking money they could be swindling directly out of their over fat pockets. Imagine emerging technology, powerful technology, reliant on certain metals that are even harder to find than gold, and massively more expensive than gold could ever imagine to be. And it could be yours! It is quite simple, and one that a lot of people do not think about investing in.

We are talking about Rare Earth Metals, otherwise known as REE's, and sometimes even called technology metals. These metals, such as manganese, lithium, platinum, and even uranium (just to name a few, as there are dozens more) are finding more use than ever in this modern society. Without the use of them, many of our technological innovations would never have been able to happen - imagine the electric motor never coming in to existence, or there being no rechargeable batteries. A sad thought, indeed - which just goes to show that investing in these commodities guarantees that their viability as a solid investment.

But why invest in them? Because they are needed now more than ever, and will be in even more demand in the future! There is only so much that can be found, hence it being called a rare earth metal - which means that some are far more than the price of the same weight of gold.

The biggest holder of REE's in the world is China, and it shows by the domination they have on the REE market. But without those metals, the first true katana in Japan would never have been created (interestingly enough, a katana infused with a rare earth metal was razor sharp and could cut a man in half easily) there would be no high power magnets, the ongoing research into laser technology would sharply decline, as they are used in especially strong, military-grade lasers.

The relative obscurity or rare earth metals make them a great investment as there is plenty of potential for this market to grow. Get in on the ground floor.
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Investing In Rare Earth Metals

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    Susannah strauss- 2010/10/04 09:31:36 am

    As written above: There are some wonderful investment opportunities in the Rare Earth Elements and the other specialty metals including Lithium, Platinum and Uranium. Interestingly Australia has a major part to play in the supply of Rare Earth Elements, Lithium and Uranium. Of more interest to the investor Australia's potential in this area has just begun to be appreciated both by Australian and overseas investors. What isn't widely known is that Australia has a large share of the world's resources of Rare Earth Elements, Lithium and Uranium. Australian ASX listed companies control around 46% of the World's Rare Earth Elements. Australia's Lynas Corp ASX: LYC probably has one of the world's richest deposit at Mt Weld in Western Australia and is currently mining the deposit. More importantly LYC is building an advanced refining plant in Malaysia that will be operational in mid- 2011. Australia also has Alkane resources who hold one of the world's richest deposit of the heavy rare earths (H-REE) 28% that are vital for the production of the strong magnets used for hybrid cars and wind turbines. Additionally Australia's ASX listed Greenland Energy and Minerals (ASX Code: GGG) holds the world's largest deposit of REEs (4,899,000t contained, grade 1.07%) in Greenland. Australia has several more companies with proven REE deposits that are economically viable. Some of these have demonstrated that they have favorable chemistry and have established separation flow sheets and concentration plant pilot programs e.g. Arufura Resources. (ASX: ARU). These can be found at From the above it seems that Australia will become the world's swing producer of processed/separated purified Rare Earth Oxides in the very near future (2011) and within a few years may become one of the dominant suppliers of the processed Rare Earth Oxides outside of China. Amazingly, despite the fact that we cannot have an electron-economy without REE/REOs the market caps of all of Australia's companies with proven deposits is less than $2.7b with most companies being in the $100 -$ 200m range. This sets the scene for one of the most extraordinary investment opportunities. For those seeking further information about Australian Rare Earths stocks they are summarized here: For those seeking a broader understanding of who has what and the current interplay with China this page has been written for you: So come on down under to Australia the lucky energy country....... We have around 40% of the world's uranium ( and 23% of the world's Lithium (

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