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As someone that will not miss such an event for anything, not even money, she set plans in motion to ensure that there would be no flaws of any sort on that day. Part of the plans included my participation. I was assigned the crucial job of flying in a Nicole gold gown and other Nicole accessories for her Excellency!

Since the dress will go a long way in setting the mood of the occasion, I had to lay my hands on the very best and finest of Nicole gold gowns that money can buy. There were different styles and designs of course, each with its own hefty price tag. I had to call for the assistance and help of my aunts personal clothier, the ebullient Madam Vanzy to help me out on the assignment. Together, we would scout for the ideal dress. This was so important that there was no room for flops.

The search yielded good fruits as we later settled down for a Nicole gold gown made exclusively by a designer based in Italy. All the measurements were exact for the duchess-to-be. The only next difficult step was to convince my aunt that we did not fly all the way down to Italy to bring her crap. My aunt can be a very difficult person when it comes to persuasion. She is a perfectionist and an unrepentant stickler for details. Madam Vanzy and I hoped for the best, every other arrangement was going on smoothly and we did not want to be the first to incur the wrath of my aunt.

When we brought her the Nicole gold gown and the Nicole cosmetics, she was just too busy to attend to us. We were told to drop the dress with her secretary and that she would send for us later. Now, that was really punishing for the two of us. The suspense was killing and we could not go far lest she called for our attention. After waiting for like eternity she called us in to express her gratitude for the perfect dress! My aunt was visibly joyful with our choice of dress.

On the day of her coronation, she looked more beautiful than any other day in the Nicole gold gown and a Nicole Eyeshadow, full of life and radiating opulence befitting only a royal. Madam Vanzy and I cast glances at one another on the podium and nodded our heads in approval. We had succeeded in contributing positively to the success of that wonderful day. You can only imagine the kind of excitement that ran through me when my aunt recommended us to the public!
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Nicole Gold

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This article was published on 2010/12/10