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The pink gold found in rose pink gold flowers, isn't something that's found in nature; it's actually pure 'yellow gold' and copper alloy. Pink gold is often used in specialized jewelry and is very popular because of the reddish color tint it produces And, like jewelry, rose pink gold flowers are equally as popular.

The discovery of gold first took place when it was in its natural state all over the world, lying in streams. Every human culture has gold in it thanks to its beauty and shine. It's also very easy to shape or form and is resists tarnish.

As far as the human race is concerned, gold was the first metal that became widely known to us. While the development of iron and copper have always been essential to our technical progress historically, gold still came first.

Of all the metals, gold is the easiest to work with. While gold is pure and already in a state where it can be easily manipulated, other metals, which are found in ore-bodies, are not as simple to melt.
In ancient times, gold was made into idols and shrines, cups, plates, vases, and jewelry. In Turkey, the Gold of Troy which was found in an archeological dig, dates back to 2450-2600 B.C. With its discovery, we were given a better idea of the type of gold-work that was done with everything from a gravy boat that weighed a full pound, to delicate jewelry. Gold was highly valued at this time but had not yet become money. The well-connected and powerful were the ones that owned gold, or, it was made into objects used for worship and to decorate locations which were of sacred importance.

Before gold ever became money, it was always valuable to humans. The prospecting of gold dates back thousands of years, which goes to show the efforts made in trying to find it. The Egyptians, Phoenicians, Chinese, Indians, Hittites, along with others, all sought out gold and as a result, they sent prisoners of war, criminals, and slaves to work the mines to find it. This, all during a time, when gold had no value as 'money' whatsoever; it was just something that was desired.

Eventually, gold was accepted as 'value' all over the world. It was responsible for giving rise to the very concept of currency whether it was private, portable, or permanent. Barter arrangements were eventually replaced with standardized gold (and silver) coins, thus making it much easier to trade during the Classic period. Like in ancient times, today, the appeal of gold is still very much a universal thing.

With that universal appeal, it's no surprise that gold dipped or covered flowers would find themselves made into rose pink gold. Whether you're a collector of these exquisite works of art, or are just interested in giving them as gifts, you can't go wrong with rose pink gold flowers.
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Rose Pink Gold Flowers

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This article was published on 2011/01/28