The Popularity Of Gold Jewelry

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Gold is one of the most admired metals by the people. This can be considered as an expensive metal and all the ornaments made from gold are always placed as an asset in most parts of the world. The value of gold is high and the value usually varies with the amount of gold present on it. The pure gold metal is very brittle. So in order to use for the practical purpose the gold is mixed with copper so that it will enable to work out on the composition to make various complicated designs.

Much body jewelry is made out of gold including gold necklaces, bangle jewelry, bangle bracelets and so on. 14K gold is very common and this consists of 14 parts of gold and remaining 10 parts of other metals. Jewelry made out of these gold compositions is not that expensive because of the presence of other metals like copper or silver.

There is another type of jewelry called white gold which is made by mixing gold with silver. Apart from silver, you can also get it mixed with other white metals like palladium, nickel and so on. White gold with palladium composition is having the greatest resale value when compared to nickel and silver. Silver jewelry is very common and many forms like silver chains, silver bracelets are present. Jewelry was considered as the women’s companion but now the situation is changing and it is getting its position on the men’s wardrobe too. Just like ornaments for women, there is wide variety of men jewelry.

Now a new trend is coming up for children. A separate section is being opened in many shops for children. Children jewelry comes in many forms with many stars and colors that suit them rather than going for very bulky ornaments. This jewelry will indeed add a greater charm to them.

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The Popularity Of Gold Jewelry

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This article was published on 2010/09/23