Tips on Buying a Buffalo Gold Coin

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One quite recent investment opportunity when it comes to gold is the American Buffalo gold coins. Similar to the gold dollar coin a US insignia will be present on the Buffalo gold coins. There should be governmental guarantees about the quality and amount of gold that is contained in every coin. This is to guarantee the worth of the Buffalo gold bullion will not be questioned in world markets. It is pretty easy to buy Buffalo gold if you are willing to do a little research to find a dealer.

The Buffalo gold coin is pure 24k gold, much more pure than many other coins, such as the 22k American Eagle gold coin, which contains approximately 8% metal other than gold. This is the case 99 out of 100 times. You are sure to get gold with 99 percent of coins. The cost of the coin is started by taking the price of gold and the coin making process into consideration. These are the things that make the buffalo coin a popular investment when choosing gold.

This is the way to locate gold bullion dealers.

The US Mint will help you to find someone nearby. You will only need to pick the state. Their website will also give estimated prices for gold coins, based on the current trading price of gold.

Use a search engine such as Yahoo or Google and search for "Buffalo gold coin." You will be able to find many good results, like Blanchard and Northwest Territorial. It is important to check prices for different dealers of Buffalo gold as there can be a wide variation in pricing.

You can locate a dealer by looking in your phone book under the "gold" or "coins" section.

The U.S. Mint has made 300,000 of the Buffalo gold coin proof version. It seems like a huge number, however, some number more than 244,000 of the Buffalo gold bullion coins have been sold to some lucky buyers.

The US Mint will sell these to you. You can either contact the United States Mint at 1-800-USA-MINT or visit their website. They will be something that can be purchased separately.

One other choice to look at online auctions such as eBay to possibly locate one that is less expensive that the current price at the U.S. Mint site, but make sure the dealer is reputable, so you won't buy a Buffalo gold proof coin for more than you should.

Be sure to do your comparison shopping before you invest in gold, regardless of the form that it's in you definitely want to get your money's worth. Investing in silver bullion is highly similar to investing in gold bullion so the same principles will apply. You are going to find just as many people trying to rip you off by overcharging on the gold that they are selling as those who will not pay you enough for your scrap gold.

{The complication with becoming a collector of anything is finding someone to tell you how much what your collecting is worth.}  {It is fun to find out how the bovine behemoth goes against coins from other countries.}

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Tips on Buying a Buffalo Gold Coin

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This article was published on 2010/03/27